In The Last 48 Months, I've Built My Portfolio To Over 3300 Multi-Family Properties...
Now, Let Me Take You By The Hand To ACCELERATE Your Wealth & Cash Flow To Build Your Own Commercial Empire
Tim Bratz
Commercial / Multi-Family Real Estate Investor
Exclusive - By Application Only:
Join Me For A Live 3-Day Experience Where I’ll Share Everything I Know About Making Money & Building Wealth With Multi-Family Properties…

Discover how I think, analyze, and take action on apartment deals to close on average 1 per month.

I’m hosting a private 3-day event when you’ll come to my office, see my operations, meet my key team and learn how I do business every day.

...And if you qualify, you’ll have the chance to work with me in one of several ways where we could potentially make a fortune together. 

  •  Wholesale Multi-family Properties To Me And My Buyers
  • ​Joint Venture As A Local Area Operator On Projects
  • ​Invest Passively As A Lender
  • ​Let Us Raise Funds For Your Commercial Projects
Do You Want To Get Started In Multi-Family Real Estate To Make Immediate Cash Flow And Build Long Term Wealth? 

If so, then let me show you how I’ve built my business to control over $145,000,000 in assets in the last 48 Months starting without any prior experience or connections.

My name is Tim Bratz, and I began my journey in real estate investing much like most investors… wholesaling rehabs, rentals, and turnkey properties..

It was faster money - but I quickly learned that wasn’t the way to creating wealth - and there was a better way.

Believe it or not, multi-family investing is an easier, safer, and way more profitable investing vehicle than flipping or holding single family houses.

After shifting my focus to commercial properties, in the last 48 months I've acquired over 3200+ units... giving me upfront tax-free cash, monthly residual cash flow, and built in equity, and long term appreciation.

Now, I did it the hard way, without books or courses, or mentors but eventually found success through trial and error.

However, today - you get the benefit of my time in the "school of hard knocks" to cut your learning curve dramatically and get results much faster!

If you want to truly accelerate your wealth and get big checks in the process, then…

Let Me Show You Exactly How I Find, Figure, Fund & Fill Apartments To Build A Fortune…
When it comes to multi-family investing, the deals are bigger - and so are the rewards.

That’s a fact.

...And if you follow my lead, you’ll soon know that it doesn’t take any more effort to get really big checks, monthly cash flow, and huge bumps to your net worth than flipping houses.

I’ll prove it to you personally.

When you do what I do…

  • ​You don’t have to put up any of your own money to buy and hold big properties. (Funding is much more readily available for commercial properties when you know where to turn.)
  •  You don’t have to visit or inspect the properties yourself and you personally spend very little time invested in each deal.
  •  Your profit potential for upfront cash, monthly cash flow, and significant equity spreads are huge.
  •  You aren’t held personally liable for loans and funding, this is a commercial/business transaction (unlike a single family house).
  •  You have more leverage. Multiple doors means multiple opportunities for income.
  •  And you do a lot less, and still make a lot more. With the right teams, vendors, and partnerships in place your profit potential is high… even if you play a small part of the transaction. 
In commercial real estate, I like to say...
There's Way More Juice In The Squeeze...
That’s the beauty of multi-family investments. 

When you have the right people in place, you can make much more money on a team with other really smart people.

My success in commercial real estate isn’t because I’m so great.

It’s because I’ve assembled the right teams.

...And we all make money together.

Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate to align myself with the right people:

  • ​Experienced operators around the country.
  • ​Large funders who are hungry to lend on great deals.
  • ​Property management companies who I can trust to keep my tenants happy and rents rolling in while I don’t step foot on any property myself.
  • ​My underwriters who make sure the numbers are in line so we don’t step into a losing deal.
  • ​Attorneys who understand this business. 
  • ​The tech team that run our systems to monitor all of our properties even coming down to accepting rents online that go right into my bank account.
  • ​The operations team who run our day-to-day, overseeing all our properties and protect my partners interests.
And I'm Continuing To Grow My Power Team... That's Why I'm Writing You Today! 

Will You Join Me?
I'm hosting a 3-day event where I pull back the curtain and reveal everything in my Commercial Empire Playbook!

You'll discover exactly how I think and act on commercial opportunities.

You'll see how my team and I...
  • Market to find distressed multi-family assets. You'll discover how to acquire off-market distressed properties with huge potential upside. (We only deal in A & B class properties over $1.5 million in value.) 
  • Due diligence. You'll learn how to pre-screen, analyze, and underwrite properties so you make the most from the winners and don't get burned on the losers.
  • Wholesaling apartment buildings & building a buyers list
. I always say, commercial buyers are always BUYERS, SELLERS, and LENDERS! I'll teach you how to maximize your relationships with your commercial investor network.
  •  Financing, financial analysis, & different loan options. 
  •  Raising private money & structuring deals
  • How to earn tax-free profits
. This is a ninja strategy you can use to take money off the table without Uncle Sam dipping into your pockets!
  • ​Implementing value-add plans to increase income & decrease expenses
  • Stabilizing with operations & property management
  • Exit strategies. Refinancing vs holding. This is how you get upfront money, monthly cash flow, and long term wealth!
  • ​And more!
I'm arming you with everything you need to find success in multi-family investing!
  • You'll meet my personal power team of real estate attorneys, commercial mortgage brokers, lenders, operations, and property managers.
  • ​You'll leave with your own personalized business plan and credibility kit to present to brokers, property owners, and lenders.
  • ​You'll have access to all my standard operating procedures of my business and the tools I use to underwrite and analyze deals.
You'll Leave This Program With The Knowledge, Resources & Tools To Not Just Do Deals... But For Us To Do Big Deals Together!
This answers the BIG QUESTION.

Why am I doing this?

...And the answer is simple. 

I want to do more deals. By the end of 2019, I should have well over $250 million in assets under my control.

...But I'm not stopping there.

You see, I have a personal goal of building a BILLION DOLLAR Commercial Empire!

Not because I'm greedy or money hungry.

It's a personal aspiration.

And what's even more exciting is that the BILLION DOLLAR goal is totally achievable in the very near future!

However, I know I can get there faster... and help more people... by doing it together with you.

So I'm searching for people to train and potentially partner with.

Because of the deals I've done, the volume of transactions, the number of units, and my personal net worth and liquidity, I can sponsor or partner on any size deal and take it to close.

I don't say that to brag... but to stress that I can help you do deals and open doors in the multi-family world that you wouldn't be able to do without my years of experience.

This is your chance to skip the school of hard knocks, the costly mistakes, the years of frustration and all the trial and errors along the way!
Apply Now For My Commercial Empire Workshop!
If you're looking to take the next step into bigger deals and want to partner with me to open the doors to a new level of wealth building, cash flow and freedom, then let's talk.

Click the big orange button below, then apply on the next page.

One of my team members will contact you. 

If you're a fit we'll share with all the details of the event and get you started.

You should know a few things...
  •  This 3-day workshop is NOT just a class room... it's an experience. We'll do more than just sit and lecture. If we're going to potentially partner together, I want to get to know you on a deeper level. The only way to do that is to spend some quality time with you. So yes... I'll give you everything I know about doing deals... but also we're going to have a LOT of fun in a first-class setting with lots of surprises!
  •  Not everyone will be accepted. Yes, this is a REAL application, NOT just some "Guru HYPE" or false scarcity. I'm keeping each event small and only with A-players. Again, I'm looking for potential partners looking to work on a SERIOUS level. This means no looky-loos, dreamers, or info-seekers. This also means when you attend, you'll be surrounded by high-caliber people to network and connect with.
  •  You've got to be COOL. I don't mean like the Fonz - but a nice person, with genuine goals, a positive attitude, with a desire to give and help. I'm a family guy - and that's most important to me than anything. I only do things that my wife and kids can be proud of, and I only surround myself with people who follow my same values. If you're only in this for the money and to "get one over" on someone - or if you have a negative, difficult attitude - then please don't apply... this is NOT for you!
  •  Every event is SMALL... so I can get to know you, your business, your goals. I'll work with you personally. We will get to know each other very well. And you'll leave with a personalized game plan for your success in Commercial Multi-family real estate ready to do deals - if we work together as partners or not.
  •  I may not do this again. I've done some small events before... with 10 or so people. These are fun, and a great way to find partners... but I AM NOT A GURU and have no desire to be one. I don't make my money from teaching events - it's from doing deals... and on average I do AT LEAST ONE apartment deal a month. That said, I'm working on deals, not building a teaching business - and that should be a huge advantage for you.
If you agree with all those points, and you're still the orange button below. 

Apply for the program and I'll see you there!
Let's Do Deals Together...
I like to keep my friends on social media updated on what I do and I've had hundereds of comments on my deals and how to work with me. Here are a few recent deals I've put together over the last few months. And YES, I am a VERY active multi-family investor. Want to do deals with me? Come to my next Commercial Empire workshop while I'll share what I know and how we can potentially work together on deals like these...
June 11, 2018 -  730 Units, $40.3 Million Stabilized Value. Raised $4 in 48 Hours.
May 29, 2018 -  37 Unit Joint Venture Deal In Texas - $2.4 Million Stabilized Value
May 15, 2018 -  Orlando Vacation Rental
November 10, 2017 -  11 Unit "Home Run"
May 3, 2018 - 74 Units, $3.3 Million After Repairs!
April 4, 2018 -  20 Units, $30K / Year Cashflow
February 23, 2018 -  Joint Venture To Repurpose Historic Building 
October 19, 2017 -  44 Units - No Money Or Credit
Commercial Empire, LLC - Copyright 2018
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The properties on this page represent actual properties acquired by Tim Bratz and his Joint Venture Partners. These results are not typical. Instead, this is the result of hard work, dedication, and specialized knowledge in the field of real estate and multi-family investing. There is no guarantee that real estate investing or commercial investing will gain you any monetary success. Your results are 100% based on your own specific situation, opportunities and hard work.

Tim Bratz began his career in the competitive New York City real estate market working as a broker leasing ground floor retail units. Here, he saw the true potential of real estate to transform lives. Although Tim was limited in means, he spent his time reading, attending workshops, and networking with accomplished entrepreneurs learning that being resourceful was the ultimate path to becoming successful.

With this knowledge, Tim embarked on building his real estate company in Charleston, South Carolina, where he had relocated in search of a better quality of life. Arriving in 2008, after the real estate bubble burst, Tim quickly adapted and using a credit card, increased his limit and then wrote himself a balance transfer check to acquire the cheapest property he could find. Armed with his personal investment and plenty of sweat equity, Tim transformed a rundown duplex and turned a profit on his first deal. He then took those proceeds and reinvested them, while seeking private capital to expand his growing company. Today, Tim still uses this formula for success, which all starts with being resourceful and having the right mindset.
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